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hiiithere<3 welcome. I'm Emorrrrry. orr mrs. Niall Horan. either worrrks;) I love a lotttt of things. like one direction. yes one direction<3 most definetly. country music too. my sparkllllly guitar. the summer. my iphone. shoppinnn. singinn. volleyballl. quotes. prettylittleliars. dance. spraytans. gossipgirl. seventeen magazine. facebook. nail polish. starbucks. texas. ucla. jewelry. urban outfitters. pink. the color annd store btw;) american eagle. oh and of course. my two favorite things in the world. MYFAMILY<3 and MYFRIENDS<3 I don't know what i would do withhout them. and I love you tooo<3 follow me, I follow back. instagram is xoblonde13. youtube is emblondexo. kbye. xoxo


R.I.P Taylor Manning (April 11, 1999 - May 19, 2012) Its hard walking into the place where i would see you and hear your laugh and hear all the jokes you would tell me and my class. its not going to be the same reading off attendance and instead of hearing your name be called followed by a “HEEEEEEEEERRRRE!” it will just be skipped. You touched the hearts of every girl you met and even some that you haven’t met. No one will ever be able to forget your bright smile and your laugh that made everyone else laugh too. We will all miss you Taylor,  I love you<3

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